StreetWise Reports: The Critical Investor Q & A with MGX Minerals CEO Jared Lazerson

JL: … MGX just has a lot of projects going on, also our shareholders like it this way, and the company gets more media attention overall, as the likes of Bloomberg pick it up as well.

TCI: Could you provide us with some background information about the latest financings?

JL: Sure. We wanted to raise C$7.5M non-brokered, part FT (half warrant) and part NFT (warrant), but there was a lot of interest and we ended up with C$12.9M. Sprott bought C$2.5M which was great to see. EMD Financial was leading the efforts this time, and they did very well as they brought in several new institutions. The FT proceeds are used for exploration (hard rock lithium, silica), and the NFT proceeds are used for the water treatment plants and acquiring and developing lithium assets in Alberta, California and Chile.

Article in full:


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